Fujifilm signed a distribution agreement with R-Pharm

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FUJIFILM Corporation signed a distribution agreement with a major Russian pharmaceutical company JSC “R-Pharm” for the distribution of Fujifilm’s medical devices in Russia. The company also signed an agreement with the parent company of R-Pharm, LLC “R-PHARM HOLDING” for the distribution of Fujifilm’s dietary supplements in Russia.

Through R-Pharm, which has a direct sales network in the vast Russian market and a strong relationship with major medical institutions, Fujifilm will begin sales of its X-ray diagnostic imaging devices and endoscopes this summer, further strengthening its medical device business in Russia. Starting this winter, Fujifilm will also begin selling its dietary supplements through R-Pharm Holding. The supplements include those designed for the purpose of preventing lifestyle diseases.

This distribution contract is a part of the comprehensive business cooperation agreed upon by Fujifilm and R-Pharm mainly in the area of healthcare in December 2016. Fujifilm has been selling its medical devices including X-ray diagnostic imaging devices in Russia, mainly in urban areas. Fujifilm will leverage R-Pharm’s network as a pharmaceutical company to distribute through the vast region of Russia. Fujifilm will supply its medical devices such as X-ray diagnostic imaging devices and endoscopes to R-Pharm. R-Pharm will import these products to Russia and conduct marketing, sales and service activities for these products in Russia.

With regards to dietary supplements, Fujifilm will conduct marketing and sales activities through R-Pharm group. Fujifilm will leverage the recognition that the R-Pharm Group has gained in Russia’s healthcare industry as well as the Group’s distribution channels including drugstores and pharmacies that it has cultivated through its pharmaceutical business.
Fujifilm will continue to accelerate its business in Russia in various areas with a focus on healthcare and will work to contribute to the resolution of issues in the healthcare area in Russia.

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