Best Particle Therapy will introduce a revolutionary cancer treatment

| By | Cancer Drugs, R&D

Best Theratronics Ltd. (BTL), Best Cyclotron Systems (BCS), Best Particle Therapy (BPT), and Best Medical International (BMI) – all part of TeamBest Medical Companies – are the only companies offering a range of new medical cyclotrons and synchrotrons. These use the most advanced new technologies to offer revolutionary diagnosis and treatment capabilities.

In the next couple of years, Best Particle Therapy will introduce their unique 400 MeV ion Rapid Cycling Medical Synchrotron (iRCMS) with Variable Energy, Heavy Ion Treatment Technologies, offering Proton-to-Carbon Heavy Ion, for Highly Precise, Conformal and Hypo-Fractionated Radiation Therapy. This will be the most advanced new technology for Cancer Therapy, enhancing the cure for many millions of Cancer patients, who do not have this option currently.

The advantages of the Best 400 MeV iRCMS are: intrinsically small beams – facilitating beam delivery with precision for the most conformal radiation therapy; hypo-fractionated radiation therapy; small beam sizes – small magnets, light gantries – smaller footprint; highly efficient single turn extraction – less shielding; flexibility – heavy ion beam therapy (protons and/or carbon), beam delivery modalities

In addition to the iRCMS, BCS currently offers a range of New Advanced Technology Cyclotrons, ranging from 15 MeV to 70 MeV – with as high as 1000 micro Amp current for each cyclotron. With the development of a Multi-Particle (Alpha, Deuteron and Proton) 35 MeV Cyclotron, BCS can support the needs of all new therapy capabilities as well.

In partnership with Best Cure Foundation (BCF), TeamBest Companies will set up a Hub-and-Spoke Model of Healthcare Delivery System, using Express and Mobile Clinics, linked to General and Super-Specialty Medical Centers, using all of TeamBest’s new and advanced technologies globally.