ASI will support the manufacturing of microneedle applicators in Russia

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The Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) will support 5 new business projects. This decision was adopted at the meeting of the working group of ASI Expert Board.

Alexey Martynov, member of the working group and Leaders’ Club, emphasized the importance of solutions in the area of health care and pharmaceuticals.

Expanding the manufacturing of elastic titanium implants:

Organizing the industrial manufacturing of elastic titanium implants that meet modern international standards for medical devices. Compared to their analogs made of synthetic materials, titanium implants are thinner and more flexible. These implants are also much less likely to be rejected by the body, because they are absolutely neutral to the tissues and resistant to microorganisms. A particular feature of such implants is the absence of fluid permeability through the suture. The titanium fabric is woven from 0.04 mm microwire that has no analogs in the world. The manufacturing of microwire is the know-how of ELTI LLC.

Microneedle applicators for delivery of drugs, cosmetics and vaccines:

Developing and introducing to the market microneedle applicators for atraumatic and painless delivery of active substances in tissues. Compared to traditional invasive methods used for delivery of medicines and cosmetics, as well as traditional diagnosis methods, microneedle applicators provide a number of benefits, including painless and atraumatic procedure, lower required dose of administered substance for the same efficacy of treatment, and the elimination of infection risks. Microneedle Industrial LLC, a company that initiated the project, is engaged in the development of biotech solutions based on biodegradable polymers.

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