49% of cancer drugs purchased by Russian Ministry were manufactured in Russia

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According to IQVIA, in 2017, the Russian market of anti-tumor drugs was about 72 billion rubles in value terms and amounted to 14 million packages in physical terms. Compared to 2016, the sales of medicinal products in this segment increased by 10% in value terms and 19% in physical terms.

The analysis of market structure revealed differences in the supplies of Russian-made and foreign drugs to patients as, year after year, Russian-made medicines capture an increasingly larger share of procurement in the area of anti-tumor drugs. In 2017, they held 49% of the segment in physical terms and 36% in value terms. Sales of Russian-made anti-tumor drugs in 2017 reached 26 billion rubles (up 26% compared to 2016) in value terms or 6.7 million packages (up 12% compared to 2016) in physical terms.

Supplies of imported anti-tumor medicines for Russian patients are growing at a more moderate pace than the provision of locally made drugs. In 2017, their sales amounted to 6.9 million packages worth 46 billion rubles, which is up by 9% in value terms and 13% in physical terms compared to 2016. However, these figures are lower than those for procurement of Russian-made products and the segment as a whole. This trend indicates strengthening positions of Russian manufacturers in the market of anti-tumor drugs and successful implementation of import substitution program.