Tatarstan establishes PharmMedPolis to develop its pharmaceutical manufacturing

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The Government of Tatarstan published a Decree “On Establishment of the Institute for the Development of Pharmaceutical Industry in the Form of a Project Office in the Republic of Tatarstan.”

The concept of PharmMedPolis was elaborated in accordance with the state program “Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry” for 2013-2020. PharmMedPolis will operate as a public-private partnership, in which the government will allocate the land for production facilities.

The management of special economic zones (SEZ) and priority development areas (PDA) will allocate land plots to pharmaceutical companies. PharmMedPolis will be a project office that controls the process of preparing the infrastructure, attracting additional investments, and working with the districts of Tatarstan. The institute is established by using extra-budgetary financing.

Tatarstan’s largest manufacturer of medicines (in terms of output) is Tatchempharmpreparaty JSC. Its turnover is about 3 billion rubles a year, and 51 medicines manufactured by the company are included in the list of vital and essential drugs. In 2016, the total output of pharmaceutical products in the Republic of Tatarstan was 3.5 billion rubles. By 2020, after the establishment of cluster, the figure is expected to reach 9.5 billion rubles.

12 new pharmaceutical plants are scheduled for opening in Tatarstan in the period until 2020. By the end of 2018, the Government of Tatarstan should identify suitable land plots in the existing SEZs and PDAs, as well as in the districts of the Republic, and grant the resident status to a number of companies.