Shionogi will create a new manufacturing subsidiary

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Shionogi & Co., Ltd., a Japan-based pharmaceutical company engaged in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, announced that it has decided to establish a new wholly-owned subsidiary, which will be in charge of manufacturing functions in the Shionogi group.

The new manufacturing subsidiary, positioned at the core of Shionogi manufacturing value chain, will promote the innovative development of manufacturing technology. The new subsidiary will manufacture the high-quality, innovative medicines that Shionogi creates, making them available to patients around the world in a cost-competitive and reliable manner. In addition, the new manufacturing subsidiary will contribute to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry, by developing contract businesses including manufacture of investigational drug products, analytical testing, pharmaceutical engineering, as well as commercial contract pharmaceutical manufacturing, all of which will benefit from the deep experience and extensive expertise resident in the new company.

Operation of the new manufacturing subsidiary will start on April 1, 2019.

SOURCE: shionogi
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