Sandoz and Pear Therapeutics will jointly develop digital therapeutics

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Sandoz, a Novartis division and global leader in generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars, entered into a collaboration with Pear Therapeutics to commercialize and continued development of novel prescription digital therapeutics designed to effectively treat disease and improve clinical outcomes for patients.

Pear is a leader in developing prescription digital therapeutics, developing the first FDA-cleared mobile medical application with both a safety and efficacy label to help treat patients with Substance Use Disorder in September 2017. Novartis invested in Pear’s Series A and in its Series B rounds of financing.

Sandoz and Pear will work together to bring a potential treatment (reSET) to patients with Substance Use Disorder. Pear’s flagship digital therapeutic, reSET, was cleared by the FDA in September 2017 to help treat Substance Use Disorder.

Pear’s prescription digital therapeutics aim to be designed to deliver clinically proven treatments, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to patients through mobile and desktop applications. Once cleared by FDA, these digital therapeutics may be prescribed as monotherapies or alongside drug therapies and have the potential to be developed to treat a range of diseases.

Sandoz and Novartis are collaborating to develop technologies to monitor patient data in real-time, detect day-to-day behavioral and biological changes in condition, improve patient adherence, and ultimately enhance treatment outcomes by helping patients to better understand and control their own healthcare.

SOURCE: novartis
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