Researchers in Tomsk developed a biopolymer to control duration of drug action

| By | Drug Development, Tomsk State University

Scientists from Tomsk State University have developed a biopolymer that will help doctors and pharmacists to control duration of drug action. The manufacturing of biopolymer in Russia will be scaled up by Tomsk Engineering Chemical and Technological Center.

“Biopolymers are most often introduced to medicinal products for the treatment of oncological, cardiovascular, and neurological diseases. Since a biopolymer undergoes biodegradation in the body, it is possible to ensure that the drug is released within a specified time. As a result, this allows to deliver active substance to the body in a controlled way,” said Vladimir Botvin, head of laboratory.

“Currently, we are scaling up the technology, increasing the output of biopolymer, and at the same time selecting its optimal composition to address the issue of drug delivery and creation of dosage forms with controlled release. We want to increase the output of biopolymer up to a hundred of kilograms a year and collaborate with pharmaceutical companies on manufacturing the drugs,” said Alexey Knyazev, Director of Tomsk Engineering Chemical and Technological Center.

The created biopolymer will be at least twice cheaper than its imported analogs, while remaining as good as they are in terms of quality. According to scientists, the new product is expected to undergo lengthy testing in pharmaceutical companies, and it will take from two to five years to start its industrial manufacturing.