Pharmasyntez will construct a facility for production of amino acids

| By | Pharmaceutical Plant Construction, Pharmasynthez

The acting Governor of Primorsky Krai Andrey Tarasenko met with Vikram Punia, President of Pharmasyntez Group, and Yury Skachko, General Director of East-Pharm JSC, the largest pharmaceutical plant in the region.

The businessmen spoke with the head of the region about their plans to expand the plant located in the city of Ussuriysk.

“Our enterprise is a top pharmaceutical company in Russia when it comes to drug supplies for public institutions. We are manufacturing medicinal products for the treatment of TB, viral infections, cancer, diabetes, as well as antibiotics and other drugs. In Ussuriysk, we want to build a production facility to manufacture amino acids for parenteral nutrition. This is a timely and necessary idea because, today, there is no company in Russia that manufactures the amino acids, as this market is entirely held by imported products,” said Vikram Punia.

The businessman added that his company plans to invest about 500 million rubles in establishing the new production facility. In three years, it will generate up to 100 million rubles in annual tax revenues. The businessmen plan to start producing amino acids in 2020.