Pharma cluster in Pushchino science city may include 10 international companies

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Almost 10 international companies expressed an intention to operate in the pharmaceutical cluster established in Pushchino science city, said Denis Butsaev, Deputy Chairman of Moscow Region Government and Minister of Investments and Innovation of Moscow Region.

The delegation of the Moscow region visited France as part of its road show. During this three-day visit made at the order of Andrey Vorobyov, Governor of Moscow Region, the delegation visited a number of facilities. The representatives of the region also held a road show in Lyon and Paris, where they made presentations on investment attractiveness of the region.

“We have eight science cities, where we develop the competency centers. For example, in Pushchino, which specializes in biopharmaceuticals, we are building a 60 hectare industrial site. When we just announced this project, it attracted about eight international companies. This will be a major pharmaceutical cluster,” said Mr. Butsaev during the road show.

He noted that the region develops special economic zones providing tax and customs benefits.