Nurofen, Kagocel and Detralex became top best-selling pharma products in Russia

| By | DSM Group

Nurofen, an analgesic and antipyretic drug produced by Reckitt Benckiser Group (a British company which also manufactures Strepsils, a medicine for sore throat; Gaviscon, a medicine for heartburn; Durex condoms; household products under such brands as Vanish and Calgon; etc.), according to DSM Group, an analytical firm monitoring the pharmaceutical market, is the top selling medicine of 2017.

According to the experts, over the year, the sales of Nurofen in Russia increased by 14.9% and generated 7.1 billion rubles for the manufacturer. DSM Group found that the second top selling medicine was Kagocel manufactured by Nearmedic. The analysts said that its sales in Russia fell by 9% last year, but still generated 6.2 billion rubles.

According to DSM Group, the three top selling medicines in Russia also include Detralex, a venotonic produced by Servier, a French company. In 2017, its sales increased by 21.9% and reached 6.1 billion rubles. In addition, the 10 top selling medicines include Concor, a drug that lowers blood pressure and reduces heart rate; Cardiomagnil, a cardiovascular drug; Essentiale; Ingavirin, an antiviral drug; Actovegin, a drug that activates metabolism in tissues; Miramistin, a medicine with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action; and Mexidol, an antioxidant. DSM Group found that, in 2017, consumers purchased 5.1 billion packages of medicinal products worth 940.7 billion rubles.