Mobidiag launched a new diagnostic test for bacterial pathogens detection

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Mobidiag, a Finnish-French biotechnology company specializing in developing and marketing innovative solutions for molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases, announced the launch of Novodiag Bacterial GE+, a molecular diagnostic test for the simultaneous detection of most common enteric pathogens directly from stool samples.

Compatible with the fully automated Novodiag system launched at the end of 2017, this new disposable cartridge allows direct analysis of a patient sample and delivers comprehensive results in about an hour, compared to days with currently used culture methods.

The Novodiag solution allows direct analysis of a patient sample placed in a disposable cartridge and delivers comprehensive results in about an hour. Combining qPCR and microarray technologies, Novodiag offers an all in one solution for on-demand targeted and syndromic testing.

This molecular diagnostic solution offers an easy to use and cost-efficient method, with very limited hands-on-time and without the need for much technical expertise. Novodiag is suitable for all test volumes and on demand testing for clinical laboratories.

“The new Novodiag Bacterial GE+ cartridge can identify dozens of targets, including the majority of bacteria causing diarrhea. Thanks to its simplified and optimized workflow, our fully automated Novodiag solution can support early decision making prior to any treatment delivery and improve patient care by managing infections accordingly” explained Mr. Tuomas Tenkanen, CEO of Mobidiag.

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