Medical devices manufacturing facility will be established in Togliatti SEZ

| By | Medical Devices Manufacturing

In the near future, Samara Plant of Medical Devices will begin the construction of its production facility in Togliatti Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The facility will be built on a land plot of 3.08 hectares. Currently, the resident of SEZ is preparing the construction site.

This project of Samara Plant of Medical Devices provides the construction of a plant for disposable medical devices manufacturing, such as nitrile exam gloves. The expected output will be up to 108 million pairs of gloves a year. At this point, the company is completing the design works and signing contracts with suppliers of main process equipment.

“The current share of Russian-made medical disposable gloves is very low (less than 2%), while the market needs are mostly met through imports. By implementing the project in Togliatti SEZ, we contribute to import substitution,” said Konstantin Kiyatkin, Executive Director of Samara Plant of Medical Devices. “We are completing the design stage and, in the near future, we will receive all necessary permits in order to launch on-site works with the beginning of construction season.”

To implement the project in Togliatti SEZ, the company plans to invest more than 360 million rubles in its production facility. It is expected that new plant will start its test production in SEZ as early as in 2019. By that time, it will employ about 85 people.