Imports of veterinary APIs to Russia declined by 2% in January 2018

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January 2018 was marked by extremely uneven trends in supplies of veterinary products. Over the year, the supply of feed additives decreased by 13% (in ruble-denominated equivalent), while the imports of veterinary drugs showed, albeit small, but positive growth (+3%).

The best performance was demonstrated by supplies of veterinary APIs. Over the year, the supplies of veterinary substances jumped by more than 62%. In the period, the total imports of feed additives reached 1.9 billion rubles (in prices set for release to free circulation). Imports of veterinary drugs amounted to 1.3 billion rubles, while the supplies of veterinary APIs barely exceeded 200 million rubles.

Despite such diverse dynamics in monetary terms, the change in physical terms was fairly clear. In January 2018, the supplies across all product groups were falling synchronously. The maximum decline was reported for feed additives, where the volume decreased by 48% over the year. Total imports in the period amounted to 343.4 thousand packages. Imports of veterinary drugs fell by 18% (1.1 million packages). Imports of veterinary APIs in January fell by only 2% (88.2 tons).

For veterinary market, the new year brought several novelties. January 2018 was marked by first supplies of two new feed additives, including Vegabuti manufactured by VEGA Bio-Technology, a Chinese company from Zhejiang province, and Orepax produced by Calyan, a French company. Both products are focused primarily on poultry farming. In the segment of veterinary drugs, there were 4 newcomers on the market. The largest share of supply is held so far by Cyclo Spray manufactured by Cymedica, a Dutch company, and Cemay produced by Maymo Laboratory, a Spanish company. Both drugs are antibiotics used to treat cattle. The first product is a topical spray, while the second is an injection drug.

No new products were reported so far this year in the category of veterinary APIs.