Germany, France and Italy are leading exporters of pharma products to Russia

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In 2017, Russian imports of pharmaceutical products reached $10.8 billion, which is 22% more than in the previous year.

The imports included mostly the medicinal products for retail sales and therapeutic or preventive use (77.5%). Russia purchased such products for $8.4 billion.

Second position in the structure of Russian pharmaceutical imports was held by blood and its fractions for therapeutic and preventive use, immune serums and vaccines. The share of this product group was 16.4% of imports or $ 1.8 billion.

Third position was held by dental materials used mainly for tooth fillings (3.7%). Russia imported them for $404.6 million.

Fourth position with a 1.7% share of imports was held by medicinal products intended for therapeutic or preventive use, rather than for retail sales. The imports of these drugs amounted to $185.7 million.

The key exporters were Germany (20.8%), France (8.7%), Italy (6%), USA (5.7%), United Kingdom (5.5%), India (5.2), Switzerland (5.1), Hungary (4%), Netherlands (3.5%), Slovenia (3.5%), Ireland (2.9%), and other countries.