Biocad signs export contracts worth about $850 million

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In 2018, Biocad, a pharmaceutical company, expects that its exports outside CIS will reach 1 billion rubles, said Alexey Torgov, Deputy General Director, on April 11 at a pharmaceutical forum held in St. Petersburg.

He added that, in 2017, the total value of Biocad exported products amounted to 520 million rubles. That figure could double this year.

Mr.Torgov said that, currently, the company carries out about 200 drug registration processes in nearly 30 countries.

“We expect an avalanche-like growth of exports. This will cover the markets of Asia, Africa, and Latin America,” he said.

The total price of export contracts signed by Biocad is about $850 million, added the deputy director general.

Biocad is a Russian biotech company. Its product range includes the medicines for treatment of diseases in the area of oncology/hematology, gynecology, neurology, and infectious diseases. The company has administrative and representative offices in the USA, Brazil, China, India, and other countries.