Abbott localized full-cycle manufacturing of its drug at the Veropharm plant

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Abbott presented a new production line to localize the full-cycle manufacturing of an Abbott drug to support women’s reproductive health, which is in line with the strategic objectives of the government aimed at increasing the birth rate in Russia.

Didrogesteron, a drug, will be manufactured at the Veropharm plant (Abbott group) and is included in the list of vital and essential drugs.

New full-cycle production line is implemented by Abbott as part of its large-scale program to develop Veropharm. The program includes modernization of company’s plants, expansion of research activities, and training of employees.

“Abbott is committed to improving the availability of high-quality medicines and, thereby, helps to improve health”. We invest our resources and experience in response to priorities of the Russian health care system, and transfer to Russia the technology and manufacturing of key products. The drug, which will be manufactured at the Veropharm plant of Abbott Group already helped many women to get pregnant and maintain a pregnancy. We are proud that now the manufacturing of this vital medicine will be localized in Russia,” said Sean Shrimpton, Senior Vice President, Emerging Markets for Abbott’s Established Pharmaceuticals business.

The new production line at Veropharm plant of Abbott Group in Belgorod has high-tech equipment and meets international GMP quality standard. Its production capacity is 200 million tablets a year. The line meets environmental standards and is equipped with an autonomous purified water system.

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