A memorandum signed to promote Russian products onto the Chilean market

| By | SPbSRIVS, Vaccine Production

The representatives of the Public Health Institute of Chile visited a vaccine production facility of St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums in Krasnoye Selo in order to continue and expand cooperation between Russia and Chile.

During their second visit to Russia, Pablo Ortiz Diaz, Managing Finance Director, and Alejandro Salinas, Director of International Relations, visited the production site of the Institute of Vaccines and Serums. The guests of St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums showed interest in all stages of vaccine manufacturing, quality control, as well as the production capacity of the Institute’s site in St. Petersburg.

Chilean officials highly appreciated the organization of manufacturing and quality control system operating in accordance with the international GMP standards. The negotiations involved not only the flu prevention vaccine, but also the entire portfolio of immunobiological drugs produced by the Institute and potential interest in them both in the Chilean market and entire Latin American region.

A day earlier, Pablo Ortiz Diaz and Vladimir Uiba, Head of FMBA of Russia, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Federal Medical and Biological Agency and the Public Health Institute of Chile. The Memorandum is intended to promote Russian biopharmaceutical products onto the Chilean market. For its part, Chile can act as a link between the Russian manufacturers and Latin American market.