Serialisation software provider SEA Vision expands its operations in Russia

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SEA Vision, a pharmaceutical serialisation software provider has expanded its operations in Moscow following the signing of Russia’s track and trace law. Headquartered in Italy, SEA Vision, which has over 20 customers in Russia and has installed over 800 full track and trace systems globally, is expanding its presence in Russia to offer local sales and technical support for its clients across the country.

Russia’s track and trace law, which has been in the State Duma for most of 2017, sets the official legal basis for coding, serialization and compliance reporting. The law amended and passed through final voting the week of December 18th before being signed by President Putin on 28th December.

Mr. Federico Finotti, sales area Manager who manages the Moscow team, said: “Russia’s track and trace law is likely to be one of the most complex regulations of its kind. This has created the need for more expertise in the market to ensure the successful implementation of compliant solutions. To meet this demand, SEA Vision has invested in its technical resources in Russia to ensure that we can support our current and prospective customers during the entire life of their track and trace projects.”

Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAH) are required to file registration information for the track and trace system with the governing body by 1st January 2019. A final implementation deadline has been set for 1st January 2020, however, the legislation allows the government to establish intermediate deadlines for certain groups of drugs.

SEA Vision will work collaboratively with its strategic packaging machine manufacturer partner Marchesini Group to meet the hardware and software requirements for serialization across clients’ sites. The companies recently launched a data collection plug-in designed to improve efficiencies in pharmaceutical manufacturing and achieve broader business benefits beyond compliance. Using the data collection plug-in, it is possible to analyze the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of pharmaceutical manufacturing lines, alongside performing serialization.

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