Russian scientists are developing phytobiotics for livestock farming

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The scientists at the Kemerovo State Agricultural Institute are developing phytobiotics from Siberian herbs and technology for their manufacturing; it is expected that the drugs would be able to replace similar imported additives and antibiotics added to the feed, said Darya Latysheva, the master’s student and author of the project.

“Organic livestock farming, which requires such technology, will allow better dairy and meat products,” said Irina Cherdantseva, the Head of Rural Socio-Economic Development Department of the Tomsk region.

“We are developing a technology that allows to produce extracts and powders from Siberian herbs at low temperatures of about 40 degrees Celsius. Typically, the temperatures for these processes are higher and, as a result, the raw materials retain less nutrients. We are working together with Kemerovo Pharmaceutical Plant, an industrial partner,” said Ms. Latysheva.

A production facility based on the technology developed by the Institute is expected to be launched in the Kemerovo region in 2019.

Olga Bagno, the research supervisor of the project and associate professor, said that the Russian Ministry of Education and Science provided a grant of 250 million rubles to develop the additives and their manufacturing technology.

“The plans provide for manufacturing a batch of phytobiotics in the Kemerovo region for various types of agricultural equipment and birds, and they are oriented towards organic agriculture. Such production facilities are not allowed to use antibiotics, and these additives are designed to prevent diseases,” she said.