Russian Ministry did not change its position regarding drug sales in retail stores

| By | Ministry of Health Care

The Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova believes that the idea of selling drugs in retail stores is deliberately inflated by “certain interested parties.”

“This issue should not be voiced here, it is deliberately raised by those interested parties who think that, in this situation, they are not receiving something,” she told reporters when answering a question from TASS news agency. “This is not an issue for either the doctors, or patients, or pharmacists.”

At the same time, she did not mention any specific interested party. According to Ms. Skvortsova, the Ministry of Health never supported this initiative.

“Nothing has changed in our position,” she said. “We have the highest availability of drugs in the world – we have a minimum number of people per pharmacy outlet compared to, for example, Germany, there is a three- to four-fold difference.”

The Minister also noted that large supermarkets already have licensed pharmacy outlets where the drugs are sold by specially trained staff.

“The medicines cannot be put on shelves near food products, when there is no specially trained staff and when people can simply pick them (medicines) up in the retail floor,” added Ms. Skvortsova.