Pharmasyntez portfolio includes more than 30 drugs for treatment of TB infection

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March 24 is the World Tuberculosis Day, an event dedicated to fighting one of the most dangerous diseases for the mankind.

The problem of tuberculosis is well known to people living in the Irkutsk region, as the mortality from that disease in the area is by an order of magnitude higher than on average in Russia. However, recently, there were some positive trends – in 2017, Irkutsk reported a decline in the incidence of tuberculosis, including incidence among children, by 1.2 times, while the mortality rate dropped by 1.3 times.

The reason for these positive developments lies in a comprehensive approach aimed at combating the spread of infection across the Angara region. A significant role here is played by pharmaceutical companies, which are constantly developing innovative medicines.

For example, Pharmasyntez, a Russian company, views the manufacturing of TB drugs as a key area of its activities. The introduction of new products is a priority. Today, the products of Pharmasyntez hold 50% of the Russian market for TB drugs, which means that every second tablet against that infection is manufactured by this company.

Portfolio of Pharmasyntez includes more than 30 drugs for treatment of TB infection, including unique products with no analogs in the world, for the complex forms of the disease that cannot be cured with antibiotics.