Nightingale and THL Biobank will analyze 40,000 blood samples

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Nightingale Health, the Finnish innovator of a biomarker testing technology, will analyze 40,000 blood samples from Finland’s largest biobank, THL Biobank, acting under the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). This initiative signifies a step towards bringing personalized medicine to Finnish healthcare.

Until recently, prohibitive costs and time constraints have prevented analysis of comprehensive metabolic data from large-scale biobank collections, but this process has now been made viable by Nightingale’s technology.

To improve risk prediction and prevention of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, Nightingale provides a metabolic profiling technology that measures blood biomarkers (molecules that indicate the presence of disease). The technology provides  measuring over 220 blood biomarkers (far more than the handful of biomarkers currently captured by routine cholesterol tests).

Nightingale plans to enable preventive healthcare by fully integrating its technology into healthcare systems and providing tools for patients to follow up on their own health.