Nanolek registers new drug to treat Hunter syndrome in Russia

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Idursulfase beta, an original drug for the treatment of Hunter syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis II), a rare (orphan) disease, was registered in Russia by Nanolek, a biopharmaceutical company, in cooperation with Green Cross, a South Korean company.

The drug confirmed its high efficacy and safety during clinical trials in patients with Hunter syndrome. Once idursulfase beta becomes available in Russia, a significantly larger number of patients will get access to effective and safe therapy of mucopolysaccharidosis II.

“The drugs for the treatment of rare (orphan) diseases is a new strategic area for our company. As a result, our portfolio becomes focused on medicinal products used in pediatrics. Our cooperation with Green Cross, one of the largest biotech companies in Asia, began in 2015. That year marked the start of localization of idursulfase beta at our plant in the Kirov region. In terms of the financial burden on health care system, the course of treatment with this drug will be much more effective than the methods of therapy currently used in Russian. Our plans provide for the registration and launch of the drug in EAEU member states,” said Vladimir Khristenko, the President of Nanolek.

More than 100 patients with Hunter syndrome are currently registered in the Russian Federation, and many patients do not receive the necessary treatment.

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