Ministry will extend range of acquired goods from Kazakhstani manufacturers

| By | Drug Manufacturing, Kazakhstan

The single distributor will extend the range of medicines acquired from Kazakhstani pharmaceutical companies, reports the Health Ministry of Kazakhstan.

“The single distributor will extend the range of acquired medicines. The domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers will make proposals on extension of nomenclature for conclusion of long term agreement on supply with the single distributor,” said Ludmila Burabekova, chairperson of pharmacy committee of the Ministry of Health Care.

She made the statement at the round table dedicated to the upcoming contest for conclusion of long term agreements on medicines and medical goods supply as support measure of domestic manufacturers and stimulation of development of Kazakhstani pharmaceutical branch.

“We aspire to make acquisition procedures more transparent. We invite the domestic companies to make their proposals on the types of medicines and medical goods for the tender on March 14, by the results of the tender we will conclude long term agreements. It will provide them guaranteed sales market through the state order for 10 years. It will help the companies to attract investments,” she said.

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