Drug imports to Russia demonstrate a record low dynamics

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In January 2018, Russia imported finished medicinal products in the total amount of 30.6 billion rubles (in prices set for release for free circulation). In-bulk supplies for the same period amounted to 6.5 billion rubles.

Compared to the same period of 2017, the growth for finished forms was slightly more than 1.5% (in ruble-denominated equivalent), while the in-bulk supplies dropped by 4.4%.

In physical terms, the imports of finished medicinal products during the first month of 2018 amounted to 126.8 million packages, which is slightly more than a zero growth year-over-year (+0.2%). As for the minimum dosage units (MDUs), the January imports amounted to 2.8 billion MDUs overall for the finished forms and in-bulk supplies. At the same time, the importers of in-bulk medicines significantly increased the physical volume of supplies year-over-year (+58% compared to January 2017). In fact, the aggressive efforts of in-bulk suppliers allowed the total physical volume of drug imports to Russia (in MEDs) to maintain their positive dynamics (+4%), while the imports of finished medicinal products for the period declined by 3.7% (in MEDs).

In January 2018, in-bulk supplies were led by Valenta and Merck Group. The former achieved a 60-fold growth in terms of physical volumes driven by imports of Trimedat. In-bulk supplies by Merck Group have risen 35 times in January 2018, with the key contribution made by imports of such drugs as Concor and Glucophage.

SOURCE: gmpnews.ru
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