ChemRar has started the production of HIV drug

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ChemRar, a Russian company based in the business incubator of the city of Khimki, began to produce a drug for HIV‐infected patients. This is not a cure for AIDS, but a so-called “preventive drug” that would allow the carriers of virus to live like other people, without damage to health or longevity.

ChemRar spent years to develop a single right formulation that would help HIV-infected patients. The efforts to create the drug began as early as in 2009. First, the composition of future drug was simulated on a computer and, later, the developers created a real prototype of substance. It took years to test the medicine – first, on animals and then on volunteers. The developers worked on composition of the drug in the labs of ChemRar with active support from their Switzerland colleagues.

HIV patients receive the medicines against HIV free of charge. Elpida, the drug produced in Khimki, has already arrived to AIDS centers in 6 Russian regions. For the state, providing a Russian-made drug to patients costs seven times less than purchasing its foreign analogs.

This is the first full-cycle drug manufactured, packaged, and supplied to medical institutions in Russia.

In addition to the price, it has a number of other clear benefits, as the effect of these capsules is several times stronger than the one made by other products available in the market. At the same time, the number of side effects is brought almost to zero, while the main difference is the fact that the drug is not addictive.

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