Boehringer Ingelheim will invest €40 million into its facility in Greece

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The German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim is expected to launch in the next few months a 40 million overhaul project in its production plant in Koropi, Greece.

The ultra-modern facility is part of the company’s investment programme, to cover increased demand for its anti-diabetic medicines, which represent 70 percent of the international market, through its Greek production plant.

Boehringer Ingelheim is among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Greece and employs about 450 workers. It is the only pharmaceutical that produces innovative medicines at its own plant in Greece. Since 2009, the company has made 95 million worth of investments in Greece, and has spent over five million euros in clinical studies.

“Exports from Greece are one of the most powerful weapons in combating the economic crisis, laying the groundwork for a better future. German enterprises that are active in Greece should contribute in this direction, through the creation of a healthy entrepreneurial climate,” said Jens Plötner, Germany’s Ambassador to Athens.

SOURCE: tovima
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