BioNeuroPharma starts collaboration with Cuban Neuroscience Center

| By | Drug Development, Preсlinical Studies, Skolkovo

BioNeuroPharma, a participant of SKOLKOVO biomed cluster, reached an agreement with the Cuban Neuroscience Center (CNEURO) on collaboration in the development of potential drugs for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

In particular, the license agreement signed by the executives of the parties provides that the SKOLKOVO-based startup will perform the full set of preclinical tests for the compounds using its own products in the area of computer simulation and transgenic cell and animal models.

The project also involves the Center for Preclinical Studies of the Institute of Physiologically Active Substances of the Russian Academy of Sciences headed by Sergey Bachurin, the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

CNEURO is a recognized research center in the area of neuroscience and part of BioCubaFarma, a Cuban biomedical concern. It develops active compounds such as Amylovis, a drug acting on aggregation of beta-amyloid, which is the key protein in Alzheimer’s disease.

“Development of new drugs for Alzheimer’s disease is a global research priority, and we hope that, with the support of SKOLKOVO Foundation, the joint efforts of leading scientific centers in Russia and Cuba can lead to significant breakthroughs in this area,” said Ruslan Altaev, Director of Development and Key Partners at Biomedical Technologies Cluster of SKOLKOVO Foundation.