BIOCAD opens new laboratory to develop biologics

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BIOCAD, a biotech company, has opened a new lab in one of its R&D centers located in the village of Lyubuchany, Moscow region, where it plans to use unique technology to develop biological drugs for the treatment of oncological and autoimmune diseases.

The investments in the equipment of laboratory reached more than 70 million rubles. New laboratory allows the company to double the number of stable monoclonal cell lines. The use of new approaches and innovative equipment will half the time of their production and development cost.

New research site of the Russian manufacturer features specialized automatic system of clone photovisualization designed to create stable cell lines, including those for monoclonal antibodies production. The system ensures their fast and reliable quality control. It also makes records and analyzes all key stages of obtaining the cell lines. Data processing format is designed in a way to provide documented evidence of cell line monoclonality, which should facilitate the registration of the new drugs in highly regulated markets of the United States and the European Union. Only leading international companies have laboratories of this class, and BIOCAD is a pioneer among Russian companies.

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