Active Component expands the range of active pharmaceutical substances

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Active Component, a company, intends to start producing new active pharmaceutical substances. In less than a year, the company plans to release to the market seven new active pharmaceutical substances designed for various indications and, for the most part, never manufactured in Russia before.

Investments in the project will reach 8 million rubles. The produced range will be expanded by substances used to manufacture the drugs affecting blood pressure, metabolism and immune system, as well as antihistamines. Most of items refer to low-tonnage manufacturing with domestic consumption ranging from 100 kg to several tons a year.

“The existing technology capacity allows us to manufacture more than 50 pharmaceutical substances. In the future, the expansion of production base will enable us to markedly boost the output and expand the range of active pharmaceutical substances up to 10 items a year. To achieve this, we are already actively developing the capacity for new substances. At any time, the analysis stage involves a pool of 10-30 items. Several new substances are being developed jointly with customers under individual requests. All pharmaceutical substances will be produced in accordance with GMP standards,” said Alexander Semenov, the President of Active Component.

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