Veronika Skvortsova announced several breakthroughs in cell technology

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Russia created insulin-producing cells that allow fighting against diabetes mellitus, said the Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova at the forum “Amazing Advances in Russian Health Care System.”

The insulin-producing cells are “grown” in the labs from various stem cells and are used to replace pancreatic cells affected by diabetes.

“In fact, we already can build the equivalents of human organs and organ systems from autologous cells… We already created autologous urethra, we created the elements of cartilage tissue… We have  methods for creating the synthetic skin, or actually the multi-layer skin like in a living person… Of course, another breakthrough is the creation of insulin-producing cells providing a replacement therapy when they are introduced in the blood of patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus,” said Ms. Skvortsova.

In October 2017, the Minister announced that, next year, the Russian patients would be able to get acquainted with the cell technology for the treatment of diabetes mellitus which, in the future, would allow to abandon the regular insulin injections.