Ukrainian pharma manufacturers are concerned by National medicines list

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Participants in the pharmaceutical market are concerned about a lack of transparency in the formation of the National List of Essential Medicines, as well as the definition of nosologies that it covers.

“The principles of forming the national list today remain unknown for the pharmaceutical industry,” President of the Medicines Manufacturers of Ukraine association Petro Bahriy said at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine.

He noted a lack of clear criteria on which drugs are included or withdrawn from the list does not allow domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers to plan production of certain medicines for several years.

“Pharmaceutical plants plan production of certain drugs based on the national list, invest money in the development of this drug for years, and then the state changes approaches and this drug does not get into the national list,” he said.

The head of the strategic planning department of Farmak pharmaceutical company, Yuriy Komarov, in turn, emphasized that questions are also caused by the method of calculating the need for drugs from the national list by medical institutions and the period for which they are purchased.

Health facilities should calculate and provide 100% need for medicines from the list for one quarter in order to be able to take into account any changes in the health system, as well as purchase drugs that are not included in the list, taking into account that at present the list does not cover nosologies, according to which a number of categories of patients previously received the drugs they needed, Komarov noted.

SOURCE: interfax-ukraine
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