UCB and Novo Seeds launched Syndesi Therapeutics

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The creation of Syndesi Therapeutics became possible as the result of a partnership between UCB, a global biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Belgium, and a syndicate of Belgian and international investors. The investor syndicate is led by Novo Seeds and Fountain Healthcare together with Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

Syndesi Therapeutics has been established at the Centre d’Entreprises et d’Innovation (CEI) in Louvain-la-Neuve and will have a presence at the JLINX incubator facilities to access expertise at the Janssen campus in Beerse, Belgium. Syndesi Therapeutics has exclusively licensed a first-in-class small molecule program from UCB and the investment totalling €17M will fund the clinical development of the lead compound up to early proof-of-concept in humans.

UCB’s Neuroscience researchers in Belgium have designed a unique class of novel SV2A modulators. Unlike levetiracetam and other types of SV2A modulators discovered and developed by UCB for epilepsy, the novel compounds are devoid of anti-epileptic properties but have demonstrated robust pro-cognitive properties in preclinical models. Cognitive impairment currently being outside UCB’s strategic scope, the decision was made to have the program further developed externally to leverage its full potential. Syndesi will use the investments to build upon that work and move the lead molecule into clinical development.

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