State regulation of prices for prescription drugs in Kazakhstan will start in October 2018

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According to Salauat Muksimov, the Director of the Anti-Corruption Policy Department at the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the analysis of the drug market in Kazakhstan revealed the shortcomings in procedures for the procurement of medicinal products, the facts of unjustified prescription of certain medicines by healthcare professionals caused by their interest in promoting these drugs.

The information on the problems in the area of healthcare identified during this analysis was sent to the Ministry of Health, which elaborated a draft law aimed at introducing the state regulation of prices for all medicines. The introduction of state regulation of prices for prescription drugs is scheduled for early October 2018; for OTC drugs, from 2023.

“The plans provide for the introduction of the European system for inspections of drug manufacturers (once every 3 years instead of one-time inspection at the registration). The pharmaceutical manufacturers will be obliged to register their prices of medicines in an online system and justify these prices by the relevant documents. There will also be clear limits on the price markups. For wholesale trade, they will range from 20% to 10%; for retail, from 50% to 10%,” said Mr. Muksimov.

He believes that this will allow to make the drugs more affordable for consumers and eliminate significant price differences for identical products.