Share of Russian HIV and cancer drugs increased significantly

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The share of Russian-made medicines in the List of Vital and Essential Drugs (VED List) increased by 10% in monetary terms over the five past years. This was announced by Sergey Tsyb, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

“If, in general, we take a look at today’s VED List and the public procurement, then the share of Russian-made drugs increased by 10% in monetary terms over five years. In terms of packages, today, Russian-made drugs make almost 80% of VED List. This indicates that the companies are aggressively positioning themselves in the segment of public procurement,” said the Deputy Minister.

Mr. Tsyb noted the impressive results generated by individual segments, such as, the oncology. In 2012, the share of Russian drugs in this segment was 13% in monetary terms; in 2017, it was almost 38%. The Deputy Minister also mentioned the positive dynamics in the manufacturing of Russian drugs for the treatment of HIV.

“In 2012, the share in monetary terms was slightly less than 10%; in 2017, it was almost 29%, which is practically a three-fold increase in the share of Russian-made drugs against HIV infection. In terms of packages, the share was slightly less than 30% in 2012 (or one third of this market); in 2017, it was almost 73%. All these programs benefited from increased financing,” said Mr. Tsyb.