Russian pharmacy market increased by 6.5% in ruble terms in 2017

| By | DSM Group, Medicinal Drug Prices

In 2017, 5065.8 million packages of drugs worth 940.7 billion rubles (in retail prices) were sold through the pharmacies in Russia. This is 6.5% higher than in 2016 in value terms and 3.5% higher in physical terms.

The positive dynamics in terms of packages sold in 2017 indicates the improved purchasing power of consumers and lower impact of financial and economic factors on the pharmacy market.

The analysis of sales for imported and domestically manufactured drugs revealed that, in 2017, the share of domestically manufactured drugs was 28.5% in monetary terms and 58.7% in physical terms. At the same time, it should be noted that the sales of Russian-made drugs in ruble terms increased by 7.4%, while the sales of imported medicines rose by 6.1%. This led to higher share of Russian-made drugs in the structure of pharmacy sales. Moreover, this share increased both in monetary and physical terms.

The analysis of sales for original drugs and generics showed that, in 2017, the share of original drugs was 34.6% in monetary terms and 13.8% in physical terms. At the same time, the share continues to shrink as demonstrated by both indicators compared to 2016. Overall, the sales of generics increased by 8.3% in monetary terms; by 4.1%, in terms of sold packages; while the growth in the sales of original drugs was only 3.2%, the sales of these medicines remained at the level of 2016 in physical terms.