Russian pharma companies released the drugs worth 333.6 billion rubles in 2017

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For Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, the overall results of 2017 were not impressive at all, to put it mildly. In total, last year, Russia manufactured about 4.5 billion packages of medicinal products, which is only 0.7% more than for 2016. The ruble-denominated figure for the same period looks better reaching 6.1%. However, it is still not even close to the pace demonstrated by the Russian pharmaceutical industry in 2015-2016.

Overall, in 2017, the pharmaceutical companies released into circulation the medicinal products worth 333.6 billion rubles (ex warehouse prices, including VAT).

In December 2017, Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers shipped the medicinal products worth 31.6 billion rubles (ex warehouse prices including VAT). The long-term dynamics reached 7% (in rubles terms). However, the performance in the last month of 2017 was definitely not outstanding, whether in terms of volume or in terms of dynamic indicators, because in January, March, and August 2017, the industry was growing in double-digit figures. In December 2017, the physical volume of shipped products reached an impressive level of 0.41 billion packages. Last year, a better performance was reported only in March (0.42 billion packages). However, in physical terms, the dynamics was still negative compared to December 2016 (-5.4%).

In December 2017, the absolute leader in terms of physical volume growth among Top 20 brands was Venarus (manufactured by OBL Pharm), as the shipments of this drug over the year increased by 41.6 times.

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