Russian authorities will subsidize execution of drug circulation monitoring system

| By | Drug Quality Control, Ministry of Industry and Trade

On February 23, 2018, the Russian Prime Minister signed a decree on the procedure for subsidizing implementation of a system to monitor the circulation of drugs for human use.

This document approved the rules for federal budget subsidies to the Russian Foundation for Technological Development (the “Foundation”), a federal state autonomous institution, in order to implement the projects aimed at introducing the system for monitoring the circulation of drugs for human use in the organizations of pharmaceutical industry. The funds will be provided under the state program “Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry” in 2013-2020.

The Foundation will use these subsidies for special-purpose loans to Russian legal entities to implement such projects in accordance with the relevant loan agreements. Among other things, the agreement must have a provision on using the loan to re-equip pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, including the purchase of equipment and software, development works, and engineering surveys.

In coordination with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Foundation will define a procedure for selecting projects and reviewing loan applications.