Russian anti-aging drug may become available in 2-3 years

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In 2-3 years, the Russian scientists plan to produce a medicine with a powerful antioxidant that can slow the aging process. This was announced by academician Vladimir Skulachev, the Honorary President of All-Russian Biochemical Society and Chairman of Bioenergy Association of Russia.

“The scale of our work was extremely ambitious, there was an attempt to slow down or even stop the aging of people. Today, we have the medicine, we started with the senile eye diseases, and it is already available for sale in pharmacies. We created a medicine that cures burns and non-healing wounds, and the ointment is already available for sale since December 1, 2017. And the third thing that was done is that we started to test an anti-aging drug. This is a systemic treatment, it is an attempt to saturate the body with antioxidant,” he said.

According to Mr. Skulachev, the results demonstrated the slowdown of aging in plants, fungi, invertebrates, and fish.

“I think that, in Russia, we are really coming to this and, in the next 2-3 year there will be a drug for the treatment of aging in general,” he added.

In 2003, Mr. Skulachev has initiated and led the Practical Application of Skulachev Ions, an inter-disciplinary biomedical project which brings together about 300 Russian and international scientists (with Moscow State University acting as the base organization). The goal of the project is to create new medicinal products aimed at combating various age-related pathologies of the body and slowing down the aging process.