Polpharma will invest 37 million dollars in Kazakhstan company Khimpharm

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The key objectives for the fourth stage of the investment program implemented by Polpharma, an international group of companies, in 2018 – 2022 include the investments of 37 million dollars in the modernization of JSC Khimpharm, the largest pharmaceutical production facility in Kazakhstan and the oldest pharmaceutical plant in South Kazakhstan region.

Currently, Kazakhstan companies are working to implement the elements of Industry 4.0. The deployment of digital technology in manufacturing will become a driver for success of Kazakhstan’s companies and will allow to streamline the manufacturing processes.

At the fourth stage in the modernization of JSC Khimpharm, the largest plant for manufacturing the medicines in Kazakhstan, the plans for 2018 – 2022 provide for the construction of a new laboratory, upgrading of infrastructure, modernization of logistics facilities, upgrading of R&D equipment, while a new production area for non-sterile solutions will be launched as early as in March 2018.

Significant funds will be directed to automation and digitalization of core and auxiliary manufacturing processes, including Cloud HR, an innovative IT solution for HR administration; “smart” warehouse management system at production sites; planning automation and scheduled maintenance and repair records system; HR and materials planning; automation and management of quality assurance processes in manufacturing.