Pharmcontract Group becomes the 2017 industry leader

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On January 31, 2018, Pharmcontract Group was highly praised and recognized for its significant contribution to the development of the Russian economy, including both the fair payment of taxes and achievement of strong economic performance according to 2017 data released by the Russian Federal Service for State Statistics. The holding company was awarded the title of the Industry Leader.

“Of course, we are pleased that the work of the entire team was so highly appreciated,” said Sergey Bykovsky, the President of Pharmcontract Group. “But such strong economic performance is no longer possible without a comprehensive approach, which we are implementing over the past several years.”

Today, the divisions of the holding company collaborate with more than 4 thousand Russian enterprises, and more than 2.5 thousand enterprises work with its service unit. The engineering division, which operates for less than 2 years, has already implemented 4 federal projects. The design office performs design works for 6 companies of federal importance.

“Also, in order to expand the customer service, last year, we begun the full-scale reconstruction of OLPHARM testing laboratory that provides the full range of services in the area of development, testing and preclinical studies both for generic and innovative drugs, as well as the quality control of substances and finished dosage forms,” said Sergey Bykovsky.

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