Pharma 2030 already has its established priorities

| By | Ministry of Industry and Trade, Pharma 2030

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade began to discuss Pharma 2030 program, said Sergey Tsyb, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, on February 20 during the 12th international conference “Pharmaceutical Business in Russia: A Prospective Scenario for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Market for 2018.”

He added that the main goal of the program – ensuring the transition to innovative development – did not change.

“We will build the largest set of tools on this block to support the projects in domestic R&D. We expect that the industry comes with its own proposals regarding the nature of these tools, as they can be not only financial, but also administrative,” said Sergey Tsyb.

The second priority will be to support the exports. In 2017, the exports increased by 31.7% compared to 2016.

“The President and the Government of the Russian Federation set the objective to support projects in the area of non-commodity exports. This block is in the focus of our attention, and we would like to make it one of the priorities for Pharma 2030 strategy,” added the Deputy Minister.

The third block, which is actively discussed with the Ministry of Health, includes the development of cell product manufacturing.