New technologies require adjustments to the development of pharma industry

Denis Manturov, the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, said that he expects drug manufacturing to grow in 2018.

“Our task is to make the Russian pharmaceutical industry a global leader. Look, we built more than 30 new pharmaceutical plants in the past 10 years. The output increased three-fold to reach more than 300 billion rubles from 96 billion rubles in 2009. Every second tablet is manufactured in Russia and, in monetary terms, the share of domestically manufactured drugs in the market and public procurement exceeds 30%. For comparison, in 2012, it was 24%,” said Mr. Manturov.

There was also a rapid progress in the area of advanced R&D. Russia developed high-tech medicinal products based on latest solutions in the biotech, including the drugs based on recombinant coagulation factors to treat hemophilia, cytokines and monoclonal antibodies used in the treatment of cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, recombinant insulins, etc. There was also the market launch of entirely new molecules for elpida, a drug used in the treatment of HIV, narlaprevir for the treatment of tuberculosis, and gosogliptin for the treatment of diabetes. Several medicines are currently in the process of registration in more than 60 countries. It is important that all new drugs are fully manufactured in Russia, starting from the substance.

At the same time, the innovative approaches emerging in the area of personalized medicine, theranostics, and regenerative medicine, as well as the technologies appearing at the junction of different sciences, require the adjustments to the development strategy of pharmaceutical and medical industry, which will be done this year.