IDF provides loans to manufacture isopropanol and self-destructing syringes

| By | IDF, Medical Devices Manufacturing

Kostroma-Medico, a company from Kostroma, plans to produce self-destructing syringes with special auto-disable mechanism triggered after the first use of the syringe. Such syringes are very important to ensure the safety of the population and medical personnel, since their design prevents them from being re-used.

The syringe designed by Kostroma-based company will be 2-3 times cheaper than its imported analogs. The cost of the project is 400 million rubles, of which 200 million rubles may be provided by IDF as a concessional loan.

“The Expert Council of the Industrial Development Fund (IDF) has approved loans for 3 projects in Kostroma, Ryazan, and Omsk. The total cost of the projects is nearly 2 billion rubles, including 1.05 billion rubles in the form of loans from IDF,” said Roman Petrutsa, the Director of IDF.

Omsky Kauchuk, a company from Omsk, plans to use the loan from IDF to increase the depth of chemical product processing by establishing the facilities for isopropanol (IPA) with a capacity of 30 thousand tons a year. IPA is demanded in chemical, oil, medical, furniture making, food, wood chemical, and perfumery industries, because it is a good solvent for many essential oils, waxes, esters, alkaloids and synthetic resins.

The cost of the project is 1 billion rubles, of which 500 million rubles may be provided by IDF as a concessional loan.

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