Georgia implements GMP/GDP standards and establishes a national inspectorate

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The Georgian Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs began to introduce new standards aimed at improving the quality control of imported medicines and drugs manufactured in Georgia. In particular, the Ministry wants to introduce GMP and GDP standards.

“The implementation of GMP/GDP standards is a key issue for the country, because this standard ensures high quality of pharmaceutical products circulating in Georgia and expands exports of locally manufactured medicines,” said the Ministry.

The strategy for implementation of GMP/GDP standards proposed by the World Health Organization includes several stages. First of all, this involves the establishment of National GMP Inspectorate. To set up the inspectorate, the Georgian Ministry of Health will select the candidates for positions of inspectors by March 10, 2018.

The requirements and criteria were defined in accordance with the European directives (professional knowledge, skills, experience, foreign language proficiency). The inspectors will report to the State Regulation Agency for Medical Activities of the Georgian Ministry of Health.

At the first stage, the inspections will be voluntary, but they will become mandatory from January 1, 2022.