Generium plans to launch manufacturing of Russian-made Tigratest® in 2019

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Anna Kuznetsova, the Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation, visited GENERIUM, a pharmaceutical company. The purpose of the trip was to visit a shop for manufacturing Diaskintest®, a modern drug for TB diagnosis.

“The topic of our today’s discussion is very interesting for many parents. We felt it from the appeals arriving to the office of the Children’s Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation. Thousands of parents have requested the information or clarifications on whether there were currently any methods for TB diagnosis other than the Mantoux test.  Parents were concerned because the children, who for some reason couldn’t undergo the Mantoux test, were not allowed to attend their school classes,” said Anna Kuznetsova.

Ms. Kuznetsova showed a particular interest in Tigratest®, a new Russian in-vitro test developed by Generium for TB diagnosis.

Professor Dmitry Kudlay, the General Director of Generium JSC, said that the Russian Tigratest® was being developed for as many as eight months, while its registration and production launch are scheduled for 2019. Dmitry Kudlay assured that the Russian-made diagnostic kit would be an order of magnitude cheaper than its foreign analogs. The benefits of TB diagnosis based on the blood test include high accuracy of the study, possibility of using it in patients with contraindications to skin tests and those with the immunodeficiency conditions.