EAEU information system will be launched in less than a month

| By | Drug Registration, EAEU

The common market information system, that allows pharmaceutical companies to submit their drug registration dossiers under two procedures in accordance with EAEU rules, is expected to start operating in Q1 2018.

This was announced by Arman Shakkaliev, the Director of EEC Technical Regulation and Accreditation Department, at the EAEU and CIS pharmaceutical forum.

At this point, EEC completed all works required to launch the system, the only remaining issue is to connect individual member states.

“No one changed the deadline. So, there is less than a month before the launch. The testing identified some bottlenecks, but the system is ready to operate. The testing of information system will be completed in Q1. But we do not expect that the procedures will be launched simultaneously in all five countries, as it will take some time,” explained Arman Shakkaliev.