Biokhimik launches full-cycle manufacturing of antibiotics

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On February 20, for the first time in a quarter of century, Russia launched the full-cycle manufacturing of antibiotics based exclusively on domestic components. In her interview with Izvestia, the Russian Minister of Health VeronikaSkvortsova said that, in two years, Russia will produce 20 types of fully Russian-made drugs.

This year, the industry will start to manufacture four types of antibiotics using only domestic components. This includes the next generation drugs, such as vancomycin, telavancin, oritavancin, and ramoplanin. They are used in case of sepsis, infections of bones and joints, as well as lower parts of respiratory tract, skin and soft tissues.

The full-cycle industrial production of vancomycin, ranging from producer strain to finished drug, was implemented by Biokhimik JSC in Mordovia. For this purpose, the company redesigned its shops. The new equipment allows to manufacture medicines that meet all standards, including the international GMP.


VeronikaSkvortsova said that the new facility would not only improve the availability of medicines to consumers, but also allow to develop its own research base associated with the manufacturing process.


The company will also host an educational platform, including the Department of Chemistry and Technology for Physiologically Active Substances established together with the Mordovia State University.

“This is also very important for the fight against the pathogens that succeed in developing the antimicrobial resistance. With our own production facility, we can timely respond to the emergence of resistance in individual pathogens, which is particularly important in case of such dangerous disease as tuberculosis,” said the Minister of Health.


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