AXIM Biotech uses cGMP methods for its production of cannabinoid APIs

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AXIM Biotechnologies, the leader in cannabinoid research and development, announced the first-ever successful execution of proprietary current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) methods to extract and microencapsulate cannabinoid molecules for a variety of pharmaceutical delivery formats from cGMP-produced medicinal cannabis.

AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. focuses on the research, development and production of cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic products.

The breakthrough makes AXIM the only company in the world with the ability to harness the proprietary procedure and provide Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) of such purity from naturally extracted cGMP sources.

AXIM’s new methods are unprecedented in terms of the nature of the process – which utilizes cGMP standards employed from the initial growing of the cannabis plants through extraction and manufacturing – leading to the highest of quality standards for APIs being met.

The process, which was developed and tested in the Netherlands under strict regulatory guidelines, involves the growing of selected cannabis plants at a cGMP facility followed by extraction of the cannabinoid molecules from cannabis flowers in an innovative process that employs just two steps in order to achieve an average of more than 99% purity – unlike traditional methods that include toxic solvents and multiple steps to produce the final extract or synthesize an API such as dronabinol.

AXIM’s newly developed microencapsulation method is then applied to the cannabinoids, protecting those from oxidation and degradation, while preserving its effectiveness. Finally, AXIM’s microencapsulated cannabinoids are manufactured into pharmaceutical products within different delivery formats.

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